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Kean Ball Bearing Printing Baren Stainless Steel Delrin


KBB Barens & Mokuhanga DVD

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Kean Ball Bearing Baren for Hand Printing

The KBB Baren allows you to print various types of relief printing and monotypes to any scale using either water base or oil based inks, and is handmade by Roslyn in her studio.

The baren originally introduced to Japan by the Chinese during the Muromanchi Period (1338-1572) produces equally effective and frequently more interesting results than a Western printing press. The KBB Baren is portable, inexpensive and does not restrict the size of the print or paper used.

Traditionally the Japanese baren is made from split bamboo sheath twisted into a string, which is then made into a coil. The coil is then backed with a disc of laminated paper. The coil and backing are then wrapped in a well smoothed out bamboo sheath, which protects the coiled string and forms a handle.

The KBB Baren is made from a disc of high-grade plastic, which suspends stainless steel balls or Delrin balls, allowing them to form pressure points for printing. The construction enables the balls to rotate freely which delivers multiple pressure points evenly across the disc. The baren is bound in black leather with a strong leather handle and measures 13 cm in diameter. Occasional rubbing on an oiled felt pad is the only maintenance required. The Baren  should be kept dry at all times.

The KBB Baren has been highly recommended Michael Schneider head of printmaking, Tokyo National Univeristy of Fine Art, Tokyo, Japan. Also used widely in Finland and recommended by Tuula Moilanen and Tetsuta Noda in Japan. 


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KBB Barens
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Mokuhanga Masterclass DVD by Roslyn Kean

Traditional Japanese Woodblock Printing

A masterclass with Roslyn Kean for beginners to advanced printmakers
144 mins with 9 chapters covering 8th century image transfer techniques onto the block, tool sharpening, carving, printing and more.

$49.95 (incl GST and shipping) from Roslyn or retail outlets. 

Online and International purchases through PayPal below.

Kean Printing Masterclass DVD
Masterclass DVD

Mokuhanga Masterclass Digital Download

Available now for immediate digital download

$20 (incl GST) 

Online and International purchases through PayPal below.

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Digital Download
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